Purrs are Priceless

Limited Edition Cat Coins

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As kitty lovers and cat guardians, we proudly present you with the latest and most exciting item on your kitty memorabilia list! A catchy souvenir with the ultimate testament to the real feline spirit, the “Purrs Are Priceless” coin comes with a combination of all the mystery, elegance and heart-felt sentiments that cats are renowned for. This limited edition, double-sided coin measures 2.0” in diameter and is the purr-fect gift for the serious collector, cat connoisseur, or anyone who has ever surrendered their heart to the obsessively loving cat. Only true feline lovers fully understand the intense joys that cats bring about to the quality of our lives. Down to every single little fluffy detail, our kitty companions never cease to be curious creatures that are deserving of only the highest praises and affections. This bond between feline and mankind imbues in us a sense of auspicious good-will, as cats leave the doorway to our hearts wide open! The coin comes in an enchantingly vibrant gold color and has its own limited edition number, with the inscription ‘Cats are our Friends, Our Companions, and our Purr-fect Partners’ embossed on it. This collectible comes neatly packaged, in an elegant velvet red pouch that even your cats will adore, accompanied with a tidy gift box (so no extra grooming required!) “Purrs Are Priceless” coins also come equipped with a fold-out booklet, containing a beautifully written tribute which expresses in words what every cat lover knows in their hearts. It is in the very underlying soul behind these extra special bonds we have with our cats, that marks our undying appreciation towards them, echoing back to us inside their “Priceless Purrs”… We believe that most cat lovers appreciate gifts and keepsakes that celebrate the true essence of their unique relationships with their feline friends. Our unique collectible coin is designed to do just that, forever crystalizing your golden bond within the dignified confines of this luxurious token.

Would a cat themselves want to be represented any other way?

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